30 Dec 2019

Here it is - The #motosketchfight design board!
Happy New Year everyone!
BH bike is my contribution to celebration Bauhaus school 100th anniversary and, at the same time, this is the last 15th bike for #motosketchfight this year. This one was the toughest. Hope you like it! Cheers!

23 Dec 2019

Being jealous when your friends are jogging every day in the morning and sharing theirs over 50 km results on Nike Run Club? Now you have a chance to beat them even if you are a lazy ass. This is a Nike bike for 

19 Dec 2019

Rock on! \m/
Here is the Marshall bike for #motosketchfight challenge on Instagram. Just plug your guitar into the bike and prove that metal never dies!

14 Dec 2019

Koenig's Egg (Koenigsegg) delivery motorbikes

The next one for #motosketchfight is Koenig's Egg delivery motorbike. Two different proposals for intercity and door to door deliveries. Koenig's Egg provides the fastest egg delivery in Europe, new safety standards and the best quality of the product. Hope you like it, guys!

2 Dec 2019

Tesla Cyberbike #motosketchfight

What do you expect to see in 2022 when the Tesla Cybertruck (or bike) will be released? Graffiti on them, of course! These surfaces are flat and perfect for this!