24 Dec 2018

Alfa AD Christmas Truck
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys! I wish all the best for you and your families!


12 Dec 2018


Volvo PV finally on Behance and Cardesign.ru

10 Dec 2018

Night shift

21 Nov 2018

Mud race

This asymmetric high-speed concept was made for the particular circular race tracks. The length difference between left and right tracks allows a vehicle to pass sharp turns with no extreme braking. Hope you like it guys! Cheers

7 Nov 2018


19 Oct 2018

AI Farm tank
Self-driving farm tank with combine equipment

10 Oct 2018

Titan Icebreaker 
his weird thing is more like a futuristic interpretation of figurehead on the icebreaker ship which was abandoned a long time ago and became a shelter for a local population. Hope you like it!

29 Sept 2018

UAZ rocks!

28 Sept 2018

Honda F-Foam

27 Sept 2018

New RW challenge is coming!

 Volvo PV interior development 

10 Sept 2018

Some conceptual marker sketches for Volvo PV thesis project.

27 Aug 2018

Volvo PV concept renderings

24 Aug 2018

Volvo PV Pforzheim master thesis 

16 Aug 2018

Some of the earliest proposals for my Volvo PV master thesis. Which one you like the most?

14 Aug 2018

The close-up of my master thesis Volvo PV Concept on Pforzheim Summer Degree Show 2018. Sponsored and supervised by Volvo Cars. More pictures are coming soon.

1 Aug 2018

Peugeot Heavy Lift Helicopter (PSA Summer Class 18')