14 Dec 2019

Koenig's Egg (Koenigsegg) delivery motorbikes

The next one for #motosketchfight is Koenig's Egg delivery motorbike. Two different proposals for intercity and door to door deliveries. Koenig's Egg provides the fastest egg delivery in Europe, new safety standards and the best quality of the product. Hope you like it, guys!

2 Dec 2019

Tesla Cyberbike #motosketchfight

What do you expect to see in 2022 when the Tesla Cybertruck (or bike) will be released? Graffiti on them, of course! These surfaces are flat and perfect for this!

26 Nov 2019

Vintage Bentley bike #motosketchfight 

18 Nov 2019

Arctic rover

6 Nov 2019

Heavy bike 
Quick after work sketch 
Inktober 2019 is online now on Behance!

26 Aug 2019

Icebreaker ship concept.
Probably you've noticed my previous WIP post was about Icebreaker ship. I made the first sketch last year for one of the short concept challenges. Buiding this ship, especially the figurehead face in the front, was a great experience in polygon modelling since I haven't done many models in Blender before. I also made a super rough environment for the ship based on my old sketch. Still, a lot of stuff to improve, but I will leave it as it is until Christmas probably...Anyway, hope you like it, guys!

19 Aug 2019

Something is going on in Blender again...

27 Jul 2019

Peugeot Pikes Peak Concept is online now on Behance. Hope you like it!

24 Jul 2019

Volvo SB winter sketch

9 Jul 2019

Some early sketch proposals for Volvo PV

4 Jun 2019

AI Farm Tank 
From sketch to 3D model

6 May 2019

Motorcycle concepts are online now on Behance!
No ergonomics, no restrictions, just fun!

4 May 2019

Inspired by Akira anime
is over now

26 Apr 2019

19 Apr 2019

Peugeot motorcycle! #motosketchfight

27 Mar 2019

24 Mar 2019

Voisin and Dyson bikes!